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    I'm not here to complain and I appreciate all palm has done, but can someone please tell me why they would take away the notification swipe down feature. It used to be that when we got a notification, we could momentarily swipe it down and continue what we were doing. Now I can't do that....why oh why lol. Again, this isn't killing me and I could not be lazy and just address the notification then, but it was a neat feature. WHY WOULD THEY DO THIS!!!!!!!!

    On a related note, does anyone else think that this was sort of an update mostly for the app catalog? and maybe 1.2.1 will bring yahoo, LED and such as promised?

    Still love my pre!
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    yah I'm feeling the same way too, it does feel a little faster. The apps store is a little better. But there some things that even this web site was going to be on 1.2 and it's not.

    Like we don't see the ability to turn off EVDO and use only wi-fi....where is that?
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    Its in the phone preferences menu.

    Honestly, I don't understand Palm's logic.

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