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    app catalog is saying unaviliable
    facebook still isnt linking with my other contacts that have the same name
    still havent recovered my lost contact on my palm profile

    well i need to lighten up my day
    1. can we het the on screen keyboard
    2. can we tether
    2. can someone help me find the easiest way to roop my pre... (i want the video recorder/ or can u install it thru quick install [if so how?])

    if nothing possible with my questions can someone plz help me with my psychology hw lol
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    "it's not the quantity, but the quality"

    There are NO Limits
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    Quote Originally Posted by christo1970 View Post
    can u show me how (#1,2,&3.)
    and dont say "no" lls
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    My tethering didn't work when I upgraded to 1.2.. It installed and says it's running but I can not get any device to see the wireless connection. I know it was working before because I used it to connect my touch to the internet. Anyone else have this issue?

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