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    like i said somewhere else. i've just resigned to the fact that what's important to me is not the additions that are on palms list. i'll have to deal with it. Personally, i'm more a fan of the tweaks that I lost then of the updates.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomh1102 View Post
    just curious to know if I am the only person who is dissappointed with this update so far???? I mean come on really 2 and a half months for that??????
    app load time is still slow as hell
    photos in photo roll still take 5 seconds to focus
    lag when scrolling quickly is still there
    phone signal still seems to be jumping all over the place
    still no video recorder
    all that time and itunes sync was not even repaired
    I see no comments about the iPhone in his post (just sayin).

    I like the Pre, I like it a lot, but it still has a lot of improvements to make when it comes to efficiency and features.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VCI_Cell View Post
    1) I never claimed to own a 3GS, nor did I even mention the 3GS in either of my posts above. Put down the cocktail.

    2) The distinction between the 3GS and 3G is irrelevant to the points being discussed here. Keep track of what you're arguing.

    3) I also never mentioned homebrew as an incentive to choose Pre over iPhone. I don't know why you keep bringing up additional "shortcomings" without addressing anyone else's valid rebuttals.

    At the end of the day, you want an iPhone, but can't afford an ETF or for some reason can't go back to AT&T. Well, sorry for ya, but no one cares.
    While I normally hate the back and forth, I literally laughed out loud on that one. Numbered, comedic, and informative. Well played sir. Well played.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomh1102 View Post
    keep track of what you are arguing here! never said i could not go back to att i said that their service sucked so i paid the $400 dollars to buy out of the contract and go back to the service provider that i left with that said no i am not going back to them. as far as sticking on topic with the post the original post was about finding if i was the only person disappointed with the update and then a bunch of pre f a n b o y s came on here bashing me like a bunch of t r o l l s so my friend please! you put down the cocktail
    Seriously what did you expect was going to happen? Posting your disappointment reguarding the Pre on a website dedicated to the Pre, drew fire from people who love the Pre....Wow, what a shocker...I can understand your surprise. Maybe if your tact was a bit less abrasive? IDK but it seems obvious what was going to happen...not that I'm saying thats okay, but it's a internet forum. Are you new to them?
    "When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth"

    PM me your questions, If I cant find an answer, I'll show you who can.
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    I dont understand how so many people,can be blinded to the pre's and palms shortcomings.I bought this phone at launch,and I really like it,but you guys that seem to love it to death,really need a chic or something.How simply owning a product can make you ignore it's problems,is beyond me.
    That said,I really see no speed increases,which is what i looked forward to the most.And really,I wish I would've waited untill the quilt patches were all worked out.I do like the browser enhancements,suttle yet effective.
    I did'nt do much reading on it prior to download,because I didnt feel like messing with the leaked version,which I would've.So I'm not sure what I expected.But I do know that if I were to buy this phone today,with this update on it,I would still be disappointed.Esc. with the slew of phones coming out,that have the basic things the pre is still missing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by redninja View Post
    god,enough with the comparison to how long apple took,this excuse is so played out man.i didnt have to wait 6-7 years ago for message forwarding.all the basics are old tech,old tech that palm has clearly chosen to leave out.and when you consider the fact that many people here have already fixed alot of basics and then some,it is disappointing that palm chose to leave out existing scripts from the update.heres an idea,they should of used the new copy and paste feature,and copy and pasted alot of stuff from webos internals into the dam update.
    You speak of comparisons but the one thing you mention is text forwarding? Are you serious? I really have to question how many honestly need the ability to forward a text. I'm capping my friends in the kneecap when they start forwarding texts to me.

    I can agree with some of the shortcomings of the phone, and even say that I was really wishing for the notification light, mainly because it was what I was used to. But the constant crossfire back and forth of what this phone has and this does get old. iPhone took 3 years to get cut-and-paste, sure. Pre can't forward a text, sure. Obviously one is more important to others. I have both phones. I'll let you guess which one I use more.

    I can't say I was disappointed in the update. Wasn't overwhelmed either. I figure that every update is an improvement and hope they continue to come more frequent.
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    I "upgraded" from Treo 755p (700p before) to Pre, and to my surprise, the contacts do not allow groups/category. I am very shocked! I traded in my 755p to Sprint for $25 and now I have to tough it out. The second issue was the calendar/contact transfers from the Treo was incomplete. Other than that, I can live with the Pre except I am now on a more expensive monthly plan.
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    Away from the fighting,

    I will admit I am not impressed with 1.2 over my what used to be heavily tweaked Pre, however features like downloading images over browser and email searching is what is keeping me at bay

    The bugs I really hate is that i am experiencing lower battery life and issues unpairing with bluetooth devices (pre thinks I am still connected to a device that is off and not present with me)

    also i was really hoping for a performance boost and we didnt get any
    whatever floats your boat, buddy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blackmagic01 View Post
    I'm not disappointed since i didn't expect much from 1.2 as many changes were known already.

    That said, I'm most concerned with issues like the poor media player and sync with added google calenders, autocorrect, and some other issues. nice that they added some copy and paste thought. that's high on my list. But sadly the things that interest me are at the top of my list but not at the top of Palm's. For example considering the roll the ipod had in being the foundation for the iphone there is no way i'd release anything other then a top notch music player in my Pre. But that's just my opinion. Luckily there's music player remix to hold me over. But, at this point i'm not mad or anything. I don't have a rant or anything. i'm just resigned to the fact that the most important stuff to me is not likely the most important to palm and if it get's fixed anytime soon i'll be lucky.

    +1 there. don't know what everyone *****es about with itunes. i'm got nothing against itunes but there are old versions readily downloadable. they should still work. people should just use those. Go away Nascar app.
    i agree i hate everything apple it's just that the centro has more features than this it sux (pre) if i could go back i would cause this is sad for a 21 centry phone as far as i tunes Dude thart sux i perfer windows media anyway (free albume covers!!!!!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by osirus View Post
    i agree i hate everything apple it's just that the centro has more features than this it sux (pre) if i could go back i would cause this is sad for a 21 centry phone as far as i tunes Dude thart sux i perfer windows media anyway (free albume covers!!!!!)
    i don't even hate apple. i've had 4 macs and well before they became hip. i have three ipods (only two work). But i've had pcs for about 13 years. I even like the layout of itunes because i can respect the intelligence of a clean and simple user interface. I just hate that it hogs so many resources and that it doesn't moniter folders. But i don't use any of the apple centric features like genius, or buying apps, etc so i just don't update with every itunes release.

    I understand that centro people have their thing. Me i've tried windows mobile and it's not for me. I'm a lot closer to iphone then windows mobile. Personally, i never had a centro, so i'm comparing Pre to a current blackberry or Iphone. That's just me. In fact i'd have an iphone if it had a real keyboard and if it the plans were affordable. And when it expands to other carriers it i will consider buying one. I got this Pre for two years. But hey after that I'm a free agent again. i'm not a ****** of anything. i dig my pre so far. there's stuff i hate stuff i like. They basically got two years to win me over and two years to keep from ****ing me off. It is what it is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KCPokes View Post
    You speak of comparisons but the one thing you mention is text forwarding? Are you serious? I really have to question how many honestly need the ability to forward a text. I'm capping my friends in the kneecap when they start forwarding texts to me.
    Well,I have alot of friends,and of course we circulate nonsense around through texts.Some of us communicate heavily with text messaging.Do I forward alot of texts?No.But it is a feature that the most basic of phones have.
    Also,I haven't heard capping since the 90's.Maybe I should text you some up to date slang,then you could forward that around to your buddies.See text forwarding could be useful for you......
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    Quote Originally Posted by redninja View Post
    Also,I haven't heard capping since the 90's.Maybe I should text you some up to date slang,then you could forward that around to your buddies.See text forwarding could be useful for you......
    Capping never dies. But, maybe we could trade. You could update me on all your trendy speak and I'll trade you a keyboard that has a spacebar that works properly.

    All kidding aside, I'm not discounting the fact that text forwarding would seem to be a very basic function that should be implemented (whether you choose to use it or not is a personal preference). I'm merely stating that, in the grand scheme of things, from a personal standpoint, that is very low on the list of things that I'd like to see delivered.

    Continuing to compare what is there to functions that have existed for years on other devices is somewhat questionable. My old Treo could forward texts and had an LED that indicated a missed call, text message, etc... Great, but on the other hand the web browser was laughable! Which would I rather have? The iPhone was the latest and greatest (when it came out) but couldn't cut-and-paste like my Treo. Sure didn't make my Treo a better device because it could do a few things the iPhone couldn't (or the Pre in this case). The number of features that it provided far outweighed those that were missing.

    Again, its all preference. Somethings are far more important to others. Then again, not going to make everyone happy regardless.
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    What I want (in case Palm is reading) for the next update(s):

    - Video Camera
    - Forwarding of Text Messages
    - Faster overall performance

    I'd be happy, very happy, with those 3.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chicagonettech View Post
    < >
    Dunno what you're all crying about. My iTunes works just fine, 'course I disabled the auto-update for the PC software when it was announced that updates to the desktop would break the sync.

    Also a LOT faster in response when I touch the screen. The unlock is much more accurate, "etcetera, etcetera, etcetera," to quote The King and I!

    Get over it already! Palm is in a semi-legal battle with Apple right now. While the USB may not technically have any legal jurisdiction, they are just trying to cover their proverbial **** and make certain that whatever they do won't come back to byte all of us in the ****.

    Anyone notice that the Palm Apps, while still in BETA, has lots more of 'em to choose from?

    Now on to put my battery percentage back onto the device and remove Nascar once again, and I'll be happy!

    How about a , in stead of to Palm's developers for once . . .

    A life-long devote to Palm, well thought-out operating systems and developers who work their off while they hit their heads against a trying to please all of you

    How about finding something nice to say instead of *****ing all the time.

    < / end >
    Well said.
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    I agree with that. But the fact of the matter is, alot of what is missing already exists, thanks to the guys here. It's all gravy for us, we putty,quilt,webqi. But there is alot of people stuck with a lame phone right now, that don't know these things even exist. And the fact of the matter is, there wouldn't be much work on palms side, other than adding existing scripts to the os.
    I do wish they would've fixed this typing in a box though,to stop runnin off the screen.
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    I'm sure palms developers get paid very good for their services.
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    First off, love the Pre and I'm personally pleased with the update. Palm's rapid development of what is - after all - still a very young OS has been impressive. I'll be sticking with WebOS for the long-haul.

    As others have mentioned, kudos to the homebrew developers/tweakers (and to Palm for allowing the openness that facilitates this kind of development).

    I've owned many Macs, Win-tels, and others over the years (anyone remember GeOS?), so I'm not necessarily a f^nboy for any of them. I usually just pick the right tool for the job.

    That being said, while Text Forwarding and Video Recording aren't high on my personal list of requested features I can see that they are "required" functionality for what is likely a large percentage of potential smartphone purchasers. For that reason alone I'd like to see them implemented; meaning, for Palm's sake.

    By all means cater to the kiddies and their twiddling thumbs!

    More thumbs = More sales = More Palm.


    Corporate users: feel free to swap in your own "required" functionality for the those cited above; I'd happily make the same argument on your behalf.
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    As someone who used a GOD FORSAKEN Instinct until I got my Pre, the rate at which these updates are being cranked out far exceeds my expectations. Sure, there are a bunch of things that can be fixed/added, and at this rate I'm sure that we'll have them sooner rather than later. I can't operate under the assumption that Palm is unaware of the lack of Video Recording or other, industry prevalent features.

    Look at it this way, Palm is releasing updates fast, solving the current problems that people are having. If they went the 'I'm a mad scientist programmer' route and just released a ton of programs and features most of us in here would be even MORE irate... why? Because now that I've got Video recording my crap battery life is even CRAPPIER! So now I've got Blink Notifications but god DAMN is that phone app slow and bordering on useless!! etc. etc.

    Sure, they're gonna be some growing pains, and people say it all the time... but the reality is this: Palm is listening, they are resolving core functionality issues that could only be discovered after 810,000 phones have been in regular usage situations for a few months. Palm has a lot riding on this, and to think that they simply wouldn't care about us is ridiculous and in the end, isn't very Palm like at all.

    ENOUGH SAID.... I apologize, I just had to say it, may even work it into my vocabulary for the day. That way, when someone gets the urge to argue they'll know that they're now saying to much.
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    im kind of disappointed too. i lost the theme i was using and when i try to get it back i get an error. i'm having trouble d/loading and even installing/uninstalling apps since the update. i think it was pointless to update webos 1.2 if webos quick install wasnt updated right along with it.
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