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    Quote Originally Posted by theicon View Post
    webOS doctor kept saying my phone got disconnected so I had to go into my palm profile online and do a reset by doing a remote reset by going "lost my phone" and then something else. Not sure exactly, they did it at the store... its re-setting right now.
    ya... this definitively didn't work
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Robitaille View Post
    Just to clear things up, 1v2 would overwrite the tweaks, but the backup would still be v1.1 and when you would click "disable all mods" you get issue.
    I'm not clear what this means. I installed WebOS 1.2.0 without removing tweaks. As others have said it seems to have overwritten the tweaks but everything on the Pre seems to be working normally.

    Is there going to be a problem when I try to reinstall the tweaks when the new version of WebOS Quick Install comes out?

    The forced roaming tweak is the one that I am really missing. When using the Roam Only option my battery was @ 85-90% by the end of the day. Today without the Roam Only option, I am down to 30% and the day is not over!
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    I got forced to 1.2 also. Mine is belly up as I have no launcher! The up arrow (lower right part of screen) returns the web search page (google, google maps, wikipedia). also, can't access email. Called Sprint and got a hard reset but the OS is the culprit.

    How can you roll back to 1.1?

    Quickinstall webOSdoctor keeps saying I disconnect the phone, but I'm not even touching the phone. Any ideas?
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    I was forced to do a 1.2 update...with all tweaks and hacks from WebOSQuickInstall as well as patches and tweaks done through code modification and Quilt. At first everything was great after the update, but I was messing around with the code once again and completely messed up my launcher and email app. Essentially, no launcher period, email would not even pull up.

    I had to SSH into my device, delete all the corrupted files, extract virgin files from WebOS doctor (1.1 files actually), drop the virgin files onto the phone, and force reboot. Once it booted up, everything was working great so I went ahead and applied the patches that I know work with 1.2.

    Now I have WebOS 1.2, with modified versions of the 1.1 WebOS files for only the launcher and the email app

    I've been thinking about doing a full post on how to fix this issue if enough people are having the problem. Let me know.
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    I have been a bit busy the last few days, and not keeping up on the board here.. Saw that 1.2 was out, and just went for it, brain fog, totally forgot about removing my tweaks.

    Not too bad, other than a few issues. I did have to reinstall Virtual Keyboard via WebOs QI 2.03, and its lost my custom theme, but I can probably figure out how to get that back. I cant however seem to get it to do the haptic feedback now, even tho i have changed the value in the json file. Rebooted and all, not sure what the isssue is.

    Was also not happy that it overwrote my custom dialerpad, but was able to get it back. Have to re do the numbers as they have changed that whole structure.

    Not sure what else is not working, will keep looking a bit.

    Any idea on my haptic feedback of the VK?

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    Quote Originally Posted by covigner View Post
    I was forced to update to webOS 1.20 without removing my bunch of tweaks I had installed through webOS Quickinstall. I had tried to remove the tweaks but Quickinstall kept hanging when I ticked the first tweak for removal. The Verdict? Everything seems to be working fine. It seems that 1.20 simply overwrote all the tweaks since they are gone and the phone is working fine so far, and definitely much snappier than it did under 1.1!
    Been holding out to install 1.2 untill precentral could update all, fell alseep last night phone updated own its own with about 4 tweaks & VKB. Kinda of nervous now, so far all seems well. I did notice i have all the keys from vkb in my photos app, but getting ready to erase them.
    I also still went to quick install & removed all the tweats... Hopefully I have no problems.

    P.S. sure wish i could reinstall 1.2 again now...
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    oh my, I cant text help...
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    I have quite a few tweaks installed on my phone via Direct Rooting and WebOs Quick Install so I decided to hold off on the 1.2 update for a couple of weeks. I got the update screen only once and canceled it with no problem. I thought about disabling the auto updates but figured "ahhh what the heck, if it does it without my allowing it, I'll ride it out and pick the pieces up as needed LOL" I woke up late last night to see an auto update already in progress coming down the line for my phone and it looked just about finished too. I didn't bother it and let it go on as it was. I woke up this morning to see I had 1.21 on my phone. All my visible tweaks AND all custom graphics were over written, but my phone was still ok. The one thing I did notice is that my extra pages in launcher where still there but I didn't have the ability to add or delete pages anymore. Other than seeing that all other tweaks seemed to be gone. Oh yeah, the flashlight app seemed to work just fine too. With that said, I had absolutely no problems with updating to 1.21 without removing tweaks. I did remove virtual keyboard last week, but other than that I didn't remove one hack or tweak from my phone and I have A LOT. I'm not recommending this, I'm just giving a status report on MY phone for anyone who cares. I know I like hearing about other peoples phones with the update, so I thought another report would be helpful as well.
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