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    Hey trying to stream music from my apache server on my pre(im working on getting ampache mobile working) by just logging into my ampache account on EVDO and clicking on a song to stream it, the Pre always pulls up a media application that has a big A with the wifi bars on top of the A..and almost immediately I get "there was an error playing the file" so I hit "ok" and it closes...I know it is a supported media type by webOS so thats why I wasn't sure what was causing it? some sort of licensing issue? Anyone have any ideas??
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    I am not super familiar with apache, but I am pretty sure that there is a stream format that you need to use for the Pre. Streaming the correct file type is one thing, but using the correct stream format is another. Needs to be .3gp.
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    I get this same error when trying to play any video. I can't even play the you tube videos from the palm application for you tube that came stock on the pre. I always get the same error, "there was an error playing the file". Any help???
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    i also get this error when trying to stream video through drpodder or the newly released app on the CNET channel also.
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    Go there:
    It worked for me like a harm.

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