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    i liek turtles
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    Personaly, I don't mind waiting another week, or even another month, if it meant it would come out with no issues. I do know how tedious programming is, and I do not think the issue is in the time it takes between updates, as much as it is them keeping their mouth shut until it is done. Apple does a great job at keeping sealed lips on things. Like in any business, you have project plans, and those dates change... However You should give so much of a buffer zone in your dates that you may even be able to get something out early. If there were never dates given, no one would care... it's just a matter of keeping ones word I guess.

    Whatever to me, when it comes it comes... as long as it doesn't come, then have them say they need to have everyone roll back because of a found bug.
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    (PSSSTT) The update has been released as of 3:30 pm eastern time.

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    i liek turtles
    (picture goes here)
    Damn, that guy looks like he really lieks his turtles...
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