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    OKay so I had issues with the virtual keyboard patch so I uninstalled it, now when I try and reinstall it it says 'error installing [4]' I know this has been in a nother thread and I have tried the procedures. I went into usb mode and deleted the folder virtual keyboard, and I tried to redownload it but with no luck. What do I do now? can anyone help me please and be patient (like list steps) became im new at this Thank you
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    nevermind mod please close
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    i am running webos 1.4 and had the mojo virtual keyboard and it worked correctly. i then did a full erase of my phone, and now when i try to reinstall, it all installs "successfully" but then ignores 1 of 1 hunks, then 15 of 15 hunks. Out of the 3 files that are suppose to install, the virtual keyboard patch does not. i have tried several ways to fix this and nothing. any suggestions? thanks!

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