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    First of all, please no flames for my repeating a question that might be in a thread I have not located! I recently needed to do a refresh of my Pre and aside from the common complaints about bookmarks and such I was mostly OK with results. The big missing item was memos. In these forums I have seen mixed comments regarding memos and if they are saved to the profile or not. My contacts, emails and calendar entries came back OK but memos are AWOL. Naturally I had information in them that should have been somewhere else, but having years of Palm Desktop use I had a false sense of security. First off can someone definitely state yes or no on memos saving to the cloud. And if yes, do I have any options for getting my missing memos back? Thanks
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    Earlier this week my phone decided to do a hard reset (or more likely I unintentionally did a hard reset, I pulled the battery during a reboot because it was taking forever) and had to reload everything from my Palm profile. All my memos were restored along with calendars, contacts, tasks, email accounts and App catalog apps. The one hiccup I saw is that my data from the Mileage Monitor app did not get restored so I lost that.

    I had previously backed up everything I could via USB mode so in the end I lost the following when I unintentionally did a hard reset:

    Text Messages
    Call History
    Data from Mileage Monitor
    Homebrew Apps
    WebOS Tweaks
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    Interesting.. Does anyone know if I have any options to "try again" to get the missing memos back?
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    I had to get e new pre and my memos were restored from my profile as well.

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