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    i cant forward m***ages
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    You have to install Message forwarding using quick install. It is not currently available on a stock Pre.
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    This Message forwarding using quick install, is it just something you download or do you have to root within your Pre?
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    you dont have to root, you download quick install, go here and he has instructions on how to do it and troubleshooting there are many different tweaks you can have on your pre.

    basically how it works is you plug your pre in and set to just charge and click boxes of the stuff you want and and dont want, you have to wait for your phone to "reboot" but not really, and then u click the next tweak you want
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    Go to "Apps" above, and click on the link that says "How to install apps". It will link you to the WebOS QuickInstall
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    Thx guys! Appreciate the info(newbie, sorry). Will it b something I will have to take off of my pre once a new update comes?

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