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    Hello Pre Folks,
    I am looking for an app (or a way/hack using the current stuff) that will automatically open addresses in the Sprint Navagation app. The way I envision it is that someone would send me an email or IM with the address in it. When I have decided thats where I am going, I would simply touch the address, which would then load it as a destination. This would be *****in!

    Thank you in advance for any suggestions.
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    Is there anyone who really know whats out there, or who is a programmer, who could tell me why there isnt anything available that does this function. It seems like it would be great for guys who make service calls, for example. The dispatcher would send the call to the guy with the Pre. He would touch the address and VOILA!, the phone would start telling him how to get there.
    My personal use for it is that I do races, similar to the Amazing Race on TV, and I am able to have phone support. Minutes and even seconds matter in the race. Having the phone guide me would be a huge edge in the race....
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    You could just copy and paste the address. Not exactly what you're looking for but it gets the job done.
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    mostly we just need a way to send an address from google maps into sprint nav. Currently the only way is to literally retype it. At least in 1.2 you'll be able to type in a whole address and not have to break it up.
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    Solved it myself by figuring out that you can loggin into your telenav site online and add the addresses from there. ;-D They show up in your favorites when you refresh the screen.
    I am giving myself a squllion thanks and kudos!

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