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    Ok, I may have missed this, but probably not.

    I want to NOT display ANY card on my screen, BUT I want to have 2 cards I want open at all times. (Just not displayed)

    If there's a way, I've not seen it. Right now, all I can do is open my 2 cards and then choose which to display. Any way to have the 2 cards open and not show either of them and display my background?
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    I don't know about not displaying any cards at all, but you can minimize the cards to be a smaller size. Just touch between the cards and the quick launcher.
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    I know that trick. I was hoping to display "nothing", yet have 2 cards still running. Hmmm, wonder if one can write a dummy program that does nothing, eats no CPU cycles and displays "nothing" to it'll have a "card" to always display.

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