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    My organization's WiFi network uses WPA2 and a certificate to authenticate. When I connect on my MacBook, it says:

    802.1X: WPA: network_name
    Authenticated via: TLS

    I have installed the certificate on my Pre, and it is listed in the certificate manager. However, when I connect to the network in the WiFi manager, it asks for a user name and password. On the desktop, we leave the UN and PW blank, but the Pre won't let me do that.

    Any suggestions?

    For reference, here are the instructions for Windows Mobile:

    Connecting a Windows Mobile Device to the VT-Wireless Wireless Network - Virginia Tech Knowledge Base []

    and for Mac:

    Connecting to the VT-Wireless Wireless Network in Mac OS X v10.5 - Virginia Tech Knowledge Base []
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    Anyone have any insight?
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    I had similar troubles at my university. I just went to IT until I finally got a high enough level tech to look into it for me. Even though they don't support the pre, he was able to find a solution.
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    I'm having the same problem. Has anyone found a solution?
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    Okay, I haven't found a solution that works for me yet, but VT tech support claims that it works. Here is the e-mail from tech support that I received:

    Palm Pre & VT-Wireless

    Connect to the VT-Wireless wireless network using a personal network access certificate. The following are required:

    * The latest version of WebOS running on the Pre.
    * USB cable to connect the Pre to your computer
    * A valid Virginia Tech PID and password.
    * A personal network access certificate installed on your computer. For installation information, visit the Login to NetCert via CAS Web page.
    * An active wireless service registration. Virginia Tech students can register for service using COLA. Faculty and staff should contact their departmental communications liaison to register for this service.
    * Your Palm Pre device must be running the latest version of WebOS before you can connect it to your computer. Please update your Pre from the Launcher > Updates application.

    NOTE: If you wish to bypass steps 2 - 11, you may attach the .p12 certificate file in an email to yourself and access it from the Palm Pre. Downloading the attachment will automatically install the certificate and prompt you to enter its password. Continue to step 12 if you do this.
    To connect to the VT-Wireless wireless network in Pam Pre:

    1: Download and save the personal certificate (.p12 file) to the desktop, writing down the password given during the setup process.

    2: Connect the Pre to your computer with the USB cable and tap the "USB Drive" option on the screen.

    3: Access your device from your computer

    Windows: My Computer -> PALM PRE

    Macintosh: Macintosh HD -> PALM PRE on left menu

    4: Create a folder called "Certificates" in the main directory

    5: Place the personal certificate (.p12 file) into the Certificates folder.

    6: Disconnect the device from your computer

    7: Tap the Launcher. Find and tap on your "Device Info" application

    8: Scroll down and select "More Info"

    9: Tap the top left corner "Preferences" and select "Certificates Manager"

    10: Tap the bottom left button with a gear and plus sign to add a certificate

    11: Select the certificate file (example: netcert.p12) that you installed

    12: Enter the password given when you downloaded the certificate

    13: Tap "Trust Certificate" and exit out of the card.

    14: From the Launcher menu, find the "WiFi" application

    15: Select "VT-Wireless" from the list of detected networks

    16: Login to "VT-Wireless" with your PID and Password, tap Login. (If the device says: "Failed login", continue to tap Login until it works. It may take a few tries)

    17: The Pre will ask for a certificate to use, select the certificate labeled with your PID and tap Done. (If the device says: "Failed login", continue to tap Done until it works. It may take a few tries)

    18: Exit this card after you see a green check appear next to VT-Wireless. Check the connection by launching the "Web" application and going to your favorite website

    I've been told that currently it doesn't work perfectly with our networks all the time, but this should get you connected at least.
    I tried this over and over, but never got it to work. The step that held me up was step 17. If anyone else gets this to work, post back here and let me know so that I can keep trying.
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    I know that with Small Business Server 2003, the server can be setup to only authorize computers, or authorize computers and users.

    Check with you network support and ask them to check the Group Policy they setup for secure wireless and see which they support. If it is setup for Computers only then your Pre will not be able to connect as it is not part of the Windows Server Domain.

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