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    My gf phone when she txts me she always has to bring up my name.. it stores all the history but my name doesnt show up on the main messaging screen like all her other friends. Why is this?
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    She really doesn't like you!! :P J/K

    You really need to give more info though, what kind of phone does she have?
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    Funny... she has a pre!
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    You know when you click on the messaging icon and it pulls up all your current convos.... well my name never shows up there... so she has to start a new txt with my name and then after she send it shows all the history but when she goes back to main screen my name is not there.
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    Might want to try and see if an orange button soft rest helps out if not try having her delete your contact info and then reinput. Might have been a problem when it created you contact info.

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    are you sure she love you? Lmao!
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    It is a current glitch that is caused when you delete a conversation. She can unlink, then relink your profile and it will fix it.

    This is scheduled to be fixed in the upcoming update.
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    Look in my sig.

    These two also came up when i searched the forum:
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