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    Hi, I just installed OpenSSH SFTP using Preware and I can't figure out how to login. How do I find out the user and password to login? Don't know if this matters, but I'm using Fetch on OS X.

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    I would just like some help on HOW to use SSH on OS X!!!
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    Help anyone?
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    bump? Is it possible to access the filesystem on OS X at all?
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    The OpenSSH install from Preware requires private key authentication. Info on how to generate keys:

    Application:OpenSSH - WebOS Internals

    Then you'll have to get the private key you generate (id_rsa without .pub on the end) off the Pre and onto your Mac in whatever way is most convenient for you, probably best to copy it into the /media/internal partition and use USB rather than, say, email it to yourself... Then you'll toss that into the your home directory's .ssh subdirectory most likely. But that depends on Fetch...which I have no experience with.

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