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    I was bored so i decided to see how many cards i could have open at once. i wanna see how many others have got to open up at once.

    My first test got me to 15 cards with mytether working in the background before getting the message that i have too many cards and to throw away some cards. This was done using mostly stock apps with a few others as well.
    then after closing all but 3 i tried to open other things and was still getting the too many cards error so im guessing a memory leak and i had to restart to get it to work again.

    my second test is 60 cards, i have them open as we speak and flowing between them is seemless with little to no lag at all. 57 of the cards are web, then i have phone, contacts, and sms opened as well with mytether running in the background. However i tried to open app store and i get the same messsage about too many cards.

    So im wondering who else has been bored and tried this to see how many apps can actually be opened at once
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    I tried as well. With Pandora running in the background, I believe I started to get the "too many cards" error message roughly 20-25 cards in.

    For daily use, I'm normally running 4 cards constantly....calendar, email, twitter, and messaging.
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    60 cards is pretty damn impressive. I've found that my "limit" was about 12 cards, and that depending on how much memory each card uses, the number varies. I generally try to keep as few cards open as possible (because sometimes I forget, and inadvertently open more without realizing. I try to keep myself around 2-3 cards and jump up to 5-7 cards when I'm not paying attention. The phone remains pretty snappy under these circumstances for me.
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    yeah, im guessing the web sitting at the bookmarks page doesnt need very much memory at all which is how i was able to open so many at once, but still pretty cool, now thats multi-tasking (take that apple)
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    Opening various apps, I generally run out of memory around 30 cards. This is after a fresh reboot of course. I tried opening web browser cards and eventually gave up, the bookmarks page must not take up much memory.

    In day to day use, I usually have at least a dozen cards or so open.
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    Thanks for making me feel inferior.

    I've never run more than 4 active cards at once, and due to battery life fears usually close up shop, so to speak, when not actively using anything.

    Granted, I'm not not running any syncs to work specific stuff (intentionally), so i can't say that i have any immediate needs that would require me to stay active all day.

    However, I do get a small thrill from being able to look something up on the web, or in google maps, or what have you, and switch over to another app/card to add the information i was looking for for that specific use.
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    12-15 sounds about right to me under normal usage.

    I've encountered one website ( before the redesign) that just about KILLED my Pre, and basically wouldn't let me have more than 3-4 cards TOTAL open while it was also open. I don't know what kind of crappy programming is going on there considering it's a forum and not something that should be hugely CPU intensive; the full version of other forums work fine on my Pre.
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    63 however they were all just web pages simply to quickly see how many apps i could open
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    i had a mix of about 51 before i got bored and stopped....63 is nuts!

    ps i once got the 'too many open cards' message with only 4 cards open....i think it was a memory related issue that caused the message to pop up.... i don't remember what was opened but i haven't been able to recreate that prob.
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