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    Palm has been outwardly silent about their real goal for the Pre. They were pretty direct with me in the beta-test period. I wonder if they are on course.

    They had 2 choices:
    (1) Be a toy, like the iPhone ... games, camera, $.99 fart apps ... appealing to a whole new crowd, really abandoning their old "Palm" users.

    (2) Be a modern business phone ... a sexier version of the Treo.

    *** I volunteered for beta-testing, as I was a long term palm developer. I was told (in no uncertain terms) that they really weren't aiming at my crowd. Medical apps, reference texts, business apps were un-interesting ... i think they knew they would fall short.

    We are approaching 6 months ... and I still can't detect their public plan. They really aren't a good toy, and they really aren't a good business tool yet.

    It will be interesting to see the future.
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    I believe palm knows that they can not compete with apple in the toy department and our most likley focusing on # 2
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    I think they found a 3rd strategy not listed here... and it feels more like the blackberry strategy for the less serious businessman. It's all about being "connected", but their focus on google and facebook shows who their target audience is.

    Honestly, i think I'm exactly who they're targeting. I'm 27 years old, I work as an editor in the entertainment industry... I use Gmail and Facebook to stay in touch, even moreso than SMS or phone calls. I don't play games on my phone often. Every other phone I've tried has leaned too far in one of the 2 directions you've listed, and I like right where the Pre falls.

    I'm pretty happy with most phone companies pushing the social networking/synergy aspect of communication devices now. Like the Hero's Sense UI and the Motoblur Interface/Cliq.
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    The phone isn't meant for the gadget freaks like us who really want to customize things. Think back to Colligan talking about the "fat middle" of the market. People who do some email, some texting, want good web browsing, some music and some video, and social media. They want first-time smartphone users to get hooked on the Pre. Remember, smartphone penetration is still a small percentage of the overall cell phone market. These people aren't power users. And for them, the Pre does everything pretty well, but isn't THE phone for any one thing, as BB's are for emailers and iPhones are for multimedia and games. Of course, that's the challenge - trying to be all things to all people. You end up being nothing. Hence Palm's marketing mistakes in the dreadful ad campaign. They haven't really figured out what to say and how to say it, because it's not clear what the Pre is and whom it's targeting.
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    I think palm is really trying to focus on two things, being a good business phone, with their 1.1 exchange updates and upcoming linkedin synergy support, as well as being a social communications device, focusing on facebook and adding yahoo synergy. I think they are, as well they should be, letting developers determine how good of a "toy" the phone becomes. There's a good chance it will do well in all three areas. We already have games like Word Ace, programs like Pandora.
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    There stategy is all about being the FIRST make to have this CLOUD computing tech-at-your-fingertips on its way. Google has been preaching this for years, and Palm has finally realized this and made it into hardware allowing people to experience it. BUT being the first has its drawbacks...NO DEFINATE SECURITY. Companies need to now focus on making more secure the data that is put on the smartphones for this type of "cloud" computing.

    So the Pre DOESN'T neccesarily target anyone, it targets EVERYONE who is willing to go with completly paperless data who want it fast and who want (and can) afford to have it now without needing security lockdown.
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    Well palm said they were aiming for the fat middle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Young HoV 718 View Post
    I believe palm knows that they can not compete with apple in the toy department and our most likley focusing on # 2
    If so, they're failing miserably. There's no evidence they take things like the calendar, task list and security seriously.
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