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    I've gotten a few reports from people who would prefer to remain anonymous, but it was serious enough that I thought I should post about it.

    Apparently the leaked 1.2 and the App Catalog are still not friends - although for some people the App Catalog started working, there are potential bugs on download/install that can screw up the file system and turn your Pre into a Crash Machine.

    In other words, I'm still recommending most users wait for the official 1.2 (that's nothing new, since if you let it download and install 1.1 on top of 1.2, you can have big problems). If you *are* running 1.2, I would stay away from downloading and installing from the App Catalog.
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    I downloaded 50 apps, to test the limit to see if it had changed.
    Did not experience, and still haven't experienced any problems.

    Maybe it's something else.
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    That might explain a bit. Last night my 1.2 Pre rebooted on it's own, the only time it's ever done that on any version of the OS. Last night is also when I was trying a bunch of applications that I'd never tried before from the App Catalog, so it could possibly be this as well.

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