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    Quote Originally Posted by aziatikverse View Post
    it's not 50, it's a "space" issue, hence the error "not enough space" !! That's been said 5 billion times, to contradict what "Eguy" said!!
    Actually, Eguy is correct, and you're correct.

    There's two different issues. One is that the official App Catalog limits you to 50 apps installed. The other is that the /var partition is size limited.

    Preware, webOS Quick Installer, and other methods will ignore the 50 app limit, but there's still a /var limit.

    What's being asked here is if the number of apps limit is still in place in the App Catalog and that's unknown.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eguy View Post
    It's 50. This has been said 5 billion times on these forums. I reckon the limit will be removed when the catalog comes out of beta but nobody knows anything. We just have to wait and see. Until then, use homebrew!
    I have installed several homebrew apps, but when my limit is reached for the App store I also receive an error installing homebrew apps. Is there something I can do to allow more homebrew apps?

    Ok, I just read a reply from jhoff80 that explained both. Thanks!
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