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    my question: is palm trying to tweak and install or up grade the virtual keyboard that has already been implemented on the pre via patch because I believe if they can take what is already made and tweak it to work more efficent as well as minor things like backspace when typing on the internet it would benifit them alot. Also Any word on the update I heard tomarrow from acouple of sources.

    In other things I was woundering if Palm will be giving the Pixie everything the BB has on their platforms with the extras that it has already because I believe with basics they have already for the pixie targeting the BB audiance is really making sure you implement easy to use applications like myspace, facebook, twitter etc with already having synergy sync with text,mmms thread I believe this will captapult it over the BB with of course a good price tag, and commercial from sprint targeting BB in showing what the pixie has the same as in regards the BB then what BB cant do compared to the pixie and web os just my opinion.
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    This is just an opinion, but I don't see Palm adopting the virtual keyboard (though, it was hidden in the OS). In there mind, what purpose would it serve when you have a hard keyboard? For it to make sense to implement , they would first need to enable landscape for email, and SMS. So the question for me is do will they enable viewing email and sms in landscape? Prolly not :-/. at least from the time being. But again, my two cents.

    there will always be a place in Web OS install for tweaks, unfortunately.

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