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    I don't know if this has ever been asked before but who decided to use the term "homebrew" to describe side loaded applications? Anyone?
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    I would guess they coined the term homebrew in reference to "brewing" their own applications and such, much like people under prohibition did with certain alcoholic beverages, at home.
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    Ok, well was it one of the writers of that coined it or was it a member? I'm just being curious. :-/
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    Homebrew isn't limited to just the Pre, it is much larger and is a term coined much longer ago, as evidenced in that Wikipedia article, that was back in 1975.
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    I really hate this word
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    The term homebrew is older than computers. Amateur radio enthusiasts (Hams) have used it for years to refer to homemade radio equipment.

    Amateur radio homebrew - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Thanks to my brother, the ham.
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    I'm guessing it came from people brewing alcohol at home. Which later got used for other diy stuff, like apps.
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