I posted some of this as a reply to another post elsewhere related to using backup under OS 1.2.. but I want it to get visibility at this level too.

I don't know how wide spread this is, but I had to do a "partial erase" on my phone at the request of Palm tech support, in order to clear an issue I was having with an EAS email bug and I am screwed with data restore it would seem.

First the bug then on to the "screwed" part (data restore issue).
I had set up my Pre's email to access my work email over EAS (Outlook).. been using it that way for a couple months without problem. Then work implemented security policies for mobile access and my Pre popped up with a "setup pin" prompt a few days ago. This ticked me off a little as I don't want my work to be able to force me to lock my personal phone.. but I understand they want to protect "their" email on my account. So I set up the pin to get access to my phone and proceeded to delete the email account completely, expecting the effect of the security policy to be removed. What this security policy did was to force the use of the "pin lock" feature of the phone and then to disable the option to turn it off. After removing the email account for EAS, the function was still not "disableable". After talking to Sprint tech and Palm tech (level 1 & 2) I was told the only way to fix this was to do the "partial erase". I did. It fixed the problem. Yeah!. Only this lead to a new problem. I now have a Pre that has forgotten everything except what I had stored in the 8GB user space.. so programs, contacts, calendar, memos, etc. are all wiped. No problem, right? The Pre backs up all this stuff to the cloud daily.. well I entered my Palm Profile credentials when the phone prompted me too.. and voila!! I have 5 of my 1050 contacts, zero of my calendar data and zero memos, 1 or 2 of my downloaded programs.. etc.
So far I've spent 3 days on the phone with level 3 techs at Palm awaiting someone from Corporate support (beyond level 3) to get my help ticket and see if they can find my data on their servers. I'm totally crippled now..

Do yourself a favor, and get one of the sync apps like "Missing sync" or "Echo" or whatever and back your phone up to your computer. Don't trust this Pre backup fluke.. it is not bullet proof as I (naively) had assumed.

Anyone else get bit by this? (sorry if there's another thread on this subject I didn't find)