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    how do we get the landscape keyboard ?. i have the virtual one already
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    Ummmm ??? Turn the Pre sideways???

    Landscape Keyboard will ONLY work in apps that already have landscape mode working.
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    have you tried that ?
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    well i should rephrase that and say how can you get landscape keyboard on mssgs
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    Hold your phone upright in front of you. Stand next to the foot of your bed standing sideways. Now allow yourself to fall into bed. Check your Pre and enjoy with Vk in landscape.

    Seriously though, did you enable messaging to be able to go into landscape mode from QI? Actually it was kinda buggy for me when trying what your doing. What worked best for me was turning phone sideways with SMS loaded, then activate VK.
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    the same thing is going on with my phone the landscape mode is enabled for messaging and it doesnt work for me either.

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