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    Probably the coolest thing to ever be done if it ever comes out of beta. imagine playing crysis on your phone.Ha awesome.
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    Never really thought about using it on a phone. But, I highly doubt it would work.
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    there's not really much reason it shouldn't work, since Onlive is really nothing more than video streaming. I imagine you'd be using a bluetooth controller for user inputs... So as long as you have a good enough connection (wi-fi would be the best bet) you shouldn't have any issues...

    we shall see...
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    hell yea it should work. the only thing i dont know about yet is how laggy it would be when u press a button from the client and waiting for the game to react. it'd be nice if you could just use your own pc as a server.
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    Sorry to revive a dead topic, but i just saw video of onlive running on an ipad, and it will be out on iphone and ipad, palm pre isnt a far cry.

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