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    I've been using the "facebook mobile site" for a while, and I still can't post pictures like iphone users and blackberry users can. Additionally, I can't scroll through pictures by swiping.

    This calls for an official facebook app! I've read that the pixie facebook app, sucks. that is much better.

    Anyways, what do you guys think?
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    i've stopped really using facebook a while back but didn't they just release an android app that leaves a lot to be desired? Not holding my breath since android came out ages ago and it seems facebook doesn't care a whole lot.
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    Got sick of Facebook and the lack of security. Just do twitter now. I guess I would probably respond to my family and friends more if we had an app. So maybe I don't want one.
    Your Pre wants Word Whirl from the App Catalog.

    It told me.
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    Well the facebook app on the pixie is supposed to be a work in progress so I dont think you can really judge it on the little bit of it that has been seen so far. With that in mind I'm gonna wait til it gets officially released before I drop any criticism on it. Also there is a homebrew app called Friends Flow which is coming along very nicely. It seems like it gets updated by the developer daily.
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    I use Friends Flow. It is the best out there (so far).
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    search search search...
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    Quote Originally Posted by pwabbit View Post
    I use Friends Flow. It is the best out there (so far).
    Same here. Not a bad app at all.
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    It lacks chat tho =/ and PM feature.
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    ..... need to revise your question. Anybody wishing a good "facebook" app comes out?
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    I think when the 1.2 update comes out most people will use the Facebook full site... I saw where it fits the screen better and zooms text fields when selected.
    I don't use FB as much as most people do, so I get by with FF app just fine.
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    I prefer the mobile facebook site or the iphone facebook site anyway compared to most mobile apps....
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    friends flow is the best option so far, can't wait for a full, actual app!

    its a little disappointing that the new Facebook app demoed on the Pixie is still not a fully function app

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