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    Hey Guys,
    New member here and a new owner of a Palm Pre. I've been following the progress of this phone for a while and LOVE the webOS. Hardware wise, its a different story though (ie. Twisting slider issue).

    I remember reading an article saying that Palm knows about a problem with the IM's where if its open, it will drain the battery faster. I think it was some memory leak issue or something about constantly checking for new messages. Or this might be two different issues that is draining the battery really fast. Anyways, does anyone know if this will be addressed in WebOS 1.2?
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    Memory leaks would not cause battery issues. BigGamer3 has been having what looks like possible memory leak issues. I'd recommend anyone with possible memory leak issues to restore their Pre to stock (via WebOsDoctor) and use it for a week. If the issue does not crop up, then start loading apps one at a time per day (your most needed apps first).

    Regarding the oreo effect, while it is annoying, it does not seem to cause any harm in the operation of the phone (unless your battery is not fitting properly). If you are having resets when operating the slider, bring you phone to the point of purchase and have them fix the problem.

    Regarding battery issues: Not sure about any effect that SMS has. Assuming your battery drain causes an inconvenience for you, think of the easiest way to solve that issue first. Some people can charge more often and others can buy extended batteries and/or car chargers.

    I can tell you aren't trying to complain and you are simply trying to make your Pre as efficient as possible. Hopefully others will respond with suggestions along that track rather than getting into arguments here. Provided that you have time, do some searches back through previous posts. The time you spend is usually very educational and helpful towards making your Pre experience much more efficient.
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    Disabling IM's is one of the optimizations for better battery life that you will see everywhere for Pre. Not sure what the actual "problem" is, but I do not recall seeing anything in the OS 1.2 changelog that specifically addressed it.

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