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    Hi all, I need your help!

    Today, I spent the time untweaking. I got all of it done.

    But while doing it, I accidentally unintalled my PocketMirror.

    So because of that, it all of my Outlook contacts were remove. No too much of a problem, I'll just sync them again (and have to relink about 100 contacts, but that's worth it, since I made the mistake).

    I also checked to see if the new WebOS was available and the only thing I found was that Tweet and Where needed to be updated. I did that update.

    Then I went to my Contacts and went into Preferences and noticed this account listed as 'WHERE (uLocate).

    What the heck is WHERE (uLocate), I never installed any account with this name.

    I do use that Where App but the update did not mention anything about adding anything to Contacts.

    And the main problem: I can't delete my accounts now!

    In the pass, if I am mistaken (maybe because it's late) all you needed to do was a swipe to delete an contact account?

    It won't let me delete the an account?

    Did I remove something I wasn't suppose to when getting rid of the Tweaks, maybe too much?

    Did this Where (uLocate) cause something?

    Does anyone have any idea of what is happening to me.


    Robert L
    Astoria Queens, N.Y.C
    - Palm Pre (Sprint) - formally Palm Treo 650
    Sprint Configuration 2.3
    Model: P100EWW
    Hardware Version: A
    Firmware: CC1.4(510)

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    It sounds like you have saved a place to your contacts using the WHERE app. All you have to do is delete the contact that you saved through WHERE. For example, if you saved a Movie Theater to your contact list through WHERE..go into your contact list and delete it. This will then erase the WHERE uLocate account as well.

    Let me know if you have any issues.

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