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    while I can sometimes respond to emails by clicking the little reply icon, in general it doesn't work for me.

    what do I mean?

    it pops up a new card, populates the to and subject lines, but doesn't include anything in the actual text of the email (i.e. quoted messages). Furthermore it doesn't let me type anything in that area either. it's as if its running and trying to fill it, but can't.

    anyone else see this?
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    I had this happen to my two Yahoo accounts but not my Google accounts after I installed the OSK. Is this when it happen to you?

    Thanks to Dianehelen (on this site) I was advised to delete one of the Yahoo accounts and add it back then reboot the Pre.

    That fixed it. All is good again and I can use my OSK with no problems in Yahoos and Googles!

    Good luck and let me know if this helps,

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