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    This is just an idea that popped into my head the other day, I have no clue of how it would be implemented or even if it's possible. The purpose of this thread is to figure out exactly that.

    Since the Pre is able to be plugged into a computer and drive mounted (/media/internal) while keeping the core of the system hidden away, there must be a udev system running on the Pre that controls drive mounting. Sure enough, I checked htop and udev is running.

    /media/internal is considered a sort of "partition" on the actual device itself, since the core of the OS is hidden while providing a USB storage solution. This makes me think it would be possible to mount another drive, such as a USB flash drive, onto the Pre with the existing udev system.

    The only thing you would need, assuming it's possible, is a USB flash drive and a microUSB adapter for it. Flash drives are made upwards of 32GB now, some even 64GB. If this is possible, it would solve the small storage problem of 8GB that people complain about. Sure, it might be a little unsightly, but when you're done you just pop the drive out of the side of the Pre and be on your merry way.

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    if it worked could be cool.
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    You'd also need the Pre's USB controller to support either "Host Mode" or "USB On-the-Go" - from what I recall reading, it does neither. As it stands, it would be like connecting one USB drive to a computer, and then connecting another USB drive directly to the first one (not to the computer) and trying to copy between them. Standard USB (non-OtG) devices only work in peripheral mode, and can only "talk" to a USB host device - not each other.


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