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    Is it me or is it really incovenient to send mass text with the palm pre?

    I know u can send it to multiple contacts but i have to keep scrolling for each contact. I am wondering if there is anyway to put all the contacts in a group and just send a text to all those in that group?
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    How about forwarding SMS too?
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    Sounds like you don't know the old Palm shortcut on how to get to a specific contact the quickest:

    * first letter of first name, first 2 letters of lastname==i.e Bob Jones = bjo
    * just use this method after creating a new message and you can do this as many times as needed.
    * this is also the fastest method to dial a phone number from address book--do it from Universal Search--
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    Is it possible to create a distribution list or a group of contacts for quick messaging?
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    How about forwarding SMS too?
    you can do text forwarding too just use web os quickinstaller tweak and shazamm you have text forwarding lol
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    i may have missed it (been looking all over for it), but i am also still waiting on the ability to send a mass (group) text without adding each recipient individually. I know about the first letter/last name shortcut; but it still means you have to input each one individually.

    i send multiple texts a day to groups and it would be really nice to not have to type in 20 names each time i send it.

    any developments that you guys know of????
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    All these apps, patches and updates. We still havent got what IPHONES, BLACKBERRYS, ANDROIDS All have..

    Palm is behind.

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