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    I made all of my contact pics 500x500 and they display nicely in the dialer. I then attached a Google account to my pre. Now that some of the contacts are linked between Google and Palm, whenever I dial out the contact picture shows up with a green line on the right even though originally I had high res photos assigned.

    It doesn't matter if the Google account info is linked to my Palm account info automatically, or if I manually link them. I still get the same behavior with the contact photos.

    It seems that because Google's contact photos do not support a higher resolution the Pre defaults to the lower resolution photo. How do I change that behavior?

    UPDATE: It looks like it matters how the picture is attached. If you go into the contact in edit mode, select the picture from there it crops it smaller and then you don't get the green line. If you go into the photo viewer and choose attach to contact from there you can get a wider picture, but you'll end up with the green line. What's up with that?

    Interestingly, I wasn't getting the green line no matter how I attached the photo as long as I only had the Palm Profile info on my Pre. The minute I added the Google account info the photos got the green line.
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