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    so im really new to all this pre downloads and applications. i dont even know where to download webos.. can someone please help me... i know i know.. im slow.. but i still need help.. pretty please.. thanks..
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    I assume you mean WebOs Quick Install/ preware.

    Follow this thread in Homebrew Apps

    As for any other assistance, follow the thread and post your questions there. There are tons of people there that can help you with whatever you run into.
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    i have a feeling i didnt download the right one.. i have the webosdr.. is that the right one?
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    WebOs Doctor is what you use when you mess up your Pre. However, you will need to have that downloaded and installed to run WebOs Quick Install.
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    ok so where is this webos quick install.. i feel like a retard because i cant find it..
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    If you go to the link I gave you and scroll down to the bottom of the first post by Jason, you will see a .jar file. If you click on it and open it, it will run the program. First, though, make sure you have Java 1.6 (there's a link for that as well in Jason's post).
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    ok so i finally got webOs.. im clicking on it from my desktop and nothing is happening.. i also enabled the developer mode on my pre.. well at least i think i did.. lol
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    can anyone else help.. im trying to get this done asap.. please.. i would really appreciate it..
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    Did you insall java 1.6?

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