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    Hey, need some help regarding the tweeks in webos quick install, i did the text msg in landscape mode and now my pre will not let me open any converstions? I opens text msg and shows all converstaions but when i try to open one to text back nothing happens. i then tried to uncheck that tweek and see if it would work but still nothing. all other things i have tried work fine but with out txt msg im lost.... anyone know how i could fix this without completely restoring my pre???
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    reinstall then uninstall then turn the phone off then turn it back on
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    Need help spelling it, you mean?
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    did u get it fixed ??
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    Reinstalled and uninstalled and still doesn't work......
    I am getting the text but can't open them.
    If I go into my preferences in Messaging the sms and phone number is grey.
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    tried this and still does not open text.. any other thoughts? sorry bout the spelling but my pre is pimped out just how i want it now, but may have to restore... spellings the least of my worries..ha
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    Having the same issue. Really don't want to restore!!! any help would be much appreciated!!!

    Ty in advance!!

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