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    I have been having an issue the past couple of weeks where I will be one the phone (not using a headset), and the pre automatically starts a second line and calls the same contact on a second call! Bizarre! The only thing I can think of is that my face is hitting the screen, going to the info for that contact, and hitting the number, making the second call while I am already speaking to that contact. Any suggestions?
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    A really quick way to possibly diag this problem would be to run "Interactive Tests" under "Device Info" in the launcher. What you are going to test for is the functionality of your proximity sensor, the sensor that "locks" your phone from pressing any buttons when the phone is up to your face.
    To open "Interactive Tests":
    1.Open "Device Info" on the last page of the launcher (by default)
    2.Scroll down and tap "More Info"
    3.On the top left hand corner of this screen, tap the "Preferences" tab
    4.Tap "Interactive Tests"
    5.Select "Screen" option
    6.Tap "Skip" to cut straight to the prox. sensor test.
    7.Run the test.

    If your phone vibrates, then your sensor is working properly and you can rule that out as the problem with your phone dialing when it is up to your face. If this is the case, Sprint will replace the phone WITH OUT a claim on your insurance. I've had two phones sent back because the prox. sensor failed.
    Hope this helps.
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    The Pre is supposed to "mute" the screen when you hold the phone up to your face. This is done via a proximity sensor that senses that something is covering the bulk of the screen and blanks it - allegedly disabling the ability to press buttons with your face, cheekbones, tongue, etc, while you are on a non-headset call.

    If you hold the phone far enough away from your face, the screen will be available again, but I am not aware of any way you could even dial another number, especially to the same person, because the only "key" readily available on the keypad of the phone is the "disconnect" or "hang up" button.

    Perhaps another anomaly or a discord between another installed application that's preventing the face proximity sensor from disabling the screen and keys while you are on the phone? When you take the phone away from your face, while you are still on the call, is there a slight pause before the screen illuminates again or is it already brightly lit and staring at you as soon as it comes into eyesight?
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    I think the phone is not turning off quickly enough when I put it on my face, how do I check the settings?
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    I had this happen to me while I was on the phone with my mom. As she as not technically inclined as some, she heard the phone beep and told me to hang on, only to switch over and hear my voice, she switched back, all the while I was trying to tell her that my phone had dialed her on the second line.

    To my belief I haven't the slightest clue as to why the Pre did it, other than i thought my cheek hit it. I had a similar issue, where using Quick Dialer, I selected the number I wanted to dial, and it didn't automatically go (and I failed to notice as the phone was already to my ear), but I noticed the call didn't go I saw that the phone number had 2 extra digits, that were close to where my cheek would be.

    I think that these 2 issues are related because it didn't appear that the screen "muted" and my face bumped some buttons.

    Weird... Anyone else have this issue?
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    Thank G-d I am not alone!
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    I will hit buttons with my thumb as it wraps around the screen to put it to my ear... I usually hit the #7 speed dial.
    There is an interactive test for the screen proximity sensor to make sure it is working.
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    I just noticed that when I put the phone to my ear it doesnt mute the screen, I have tried to reset it, how can I check the settings?
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    Since I got the new pre (due to a battery issue) it hasn't done it.

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