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    i cant upload any apps im doing everthing right all i get is device not found or application not found what do i do?? its seems so easy on youtube and on the instructions but it dosent work on my palm!
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    Please be more specific.
    Are you speaking of WebOSQuickInstall?
    Do a search for that and the instructions to get it installed is there.
    Also read up on app to let you download patches and homebrew apps.

    Have Fun.
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    ok so i followed how to do the preware i haved the web os installed i pressed the 3rd button then it was saying to device found so i looked up trouble shooting and did the novacom everything is working fine then it said something about the devmode so i put the check mark and it froze and on the bottom it sais please wait..ive been wating..ima go ahead and restart see if that helps.
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    In order to access this dev mode you need to enter this code at the launcher screen on the Pre, the code is “upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart” this will then launch the Developer Mode Enabler app.
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    you must be in dev mode first to achieve anything with webOS quick install.
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    ok thank you i will try it when i get home =)
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    i finally got the preware intalled yey! but im looking for wallpapers i dnt see any..have any ideas on how to get some cool wallpapers for my pre??

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