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    Hi I just got my palm pre today! SO excited! And i happen to come across the preware and i tried to install it. So heres my problem:

    I have my Palm(R) webOS(tm) Doctor opened and it all installed and it told me to connect my palm pre to my computer with my usb(which i did) but it isn't responding to me. It won't let me hit "Next" to continue with the process! I know the usb cable works fine because once i plug it in, it asks me on my palm if i want to go media transfer / USB driver / Just charge

    Help would be much much much much appreciated! THANKS!
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    You need to run WebOS Quick Install app...not WebOS Doctor. WebOS Doctor is only used when you need to reset the Pre to default.
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    is there a step by step instruction??
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    yes...on the thread itself.
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    hmm this is weird, i have the webOS quick install opened but when i click on the 3rd option on the right side, it says "Please connect your device and hit "OK"" but clearly its already fully connected
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    did you put the pre in developer mode? Upupdowndownleftrighleftrightbastart type tht in universal search then switch on and pre will reset. After tht you should be fine
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    sorry for sounding dumb but where is the universal search?
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    The Pre has to be in Dev Mode.
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    okay nevermind found it haha
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    okay now it works fine, thanks everyone!
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    But is there a way for me to get the virtual keyboard?
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    Enjoy the phone and also take some time to read through the posts here in the forums. There is much good information on homebrew and don't forget to thank the developers!!
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    Do a search for Preware.
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    where do i find WebOS Quick Installer App download
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    Quote Originally Posted by platinum prez View Post
    where do i find WebOS Quick Installer App download
    do a search on this forum.
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    The getting started links are below. In your case start with the Homebrew link for the tutorial.

    - Craig
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    EVERYTHING you want about this is ALL in the forum listings according to what you want to do... Instead of creating a new subject area, post questions regarding a topic INSIDE the previously started topic's section -that way you'll get people that are working on the SAME steps as you.

    Good Luck!! This is an AWESOME PHONE!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by phiNny View Post
    But is there a way for me to get the virtual keyboard?
    yes. preware should have a patch or you can root your pre. i recommend the preware way if your not familiarized with linux.

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