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    My pre just flipped out. It was on my desk charging when I got a call, then the touchscreen started to blow up. It was as if the screen were being touched about 10-20 times per second. I tried to turn it off by holding the shoulder button, it did so and turned back on and still had the issue. After watching the touch ripple frantically jump around faster than a chihuahua with a crack addiction for about 5 minutes, it stopped. Was wondering if anyone else experienced this.

    Phone was charging with car charger plugged into a wall-> cigarette lighter adapter. I did screw around with my phone earlier today and tapped the screen with about the same frequency, but that was in only one part of the screen and was 8 hours ago, I don't expect that to be relevent though. touchscreen is fairly dirty, but didn't effect anything when I cleaned it.

    I apologize if this is the wrong place for this, but didn't see a "bugs" section
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    I've experienced something similar to this when charging my Pre in my car via an inverter. Sometimes I'll touch the screen and it will think I'm touching a dozen other places at the same moment. You said you were using a car charger, so I figure this common element must be the issue. Perhaps it's a grounding issue or something. I'm just a Computer Engineering sophomore, so I'm not sure yet what the issue is.

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