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    Boy Genius Report has a story titled "Palm’s location-based advertising patent likely sheds light on background location reporting in webOS" Sorry I don't have enough posts to put up a link, but I think it's worth checking out. Definitely not a feature I want.
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    Eh.. As long as I don't get ads while I'm actually using the phone (such as popups from Palm, etc) then I'm fine with it. It's not like I'm going down the block to hang out with terrorists or high-trafficking drug dealers. I'm pretty sure with all of the people that are using the Pre, unless you have a reason to be worried about what you're doing, there's no big reason Palm would want to spy on any of us. It's just another conspiracy theory from people who are out-of-control with this whole THE GOVERMENTZ BE WATCHIN US~! crap.
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    I'm more concerned about it reporting what apps I've installed and how often I use them.

    I don't expect that Palm will incorporate location-based ads into the core functions of the Pre. They probably will show up in apps, just like other types of advertising, but I most likely will not install those apps.
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    im sure alot of other phones do that as well ... you just do know about it yet
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    All phones that have the gps enabled feature track your location. How do you think the police use the signal to track cell phones when they need to?? This is not new...

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