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    im having alot of problems and need help please
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    Quote Originally Posted by mariof27s View Post
    im having alot of problems and need help please
    Be glad to help.
    If you feel that I have given you worthy advice please feel free to show your support. TY

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    Quote Originally Posted by mariof27s View Post
    im having alot of problems and need help please
    Actually, that is kind of funny. How do we know what you need help with?
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    Quote Originally Posted by FlameOut View Post
    Actually, that is kind of funny. How do we know what you need help with?
    Punctuation, I'd wager.
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    im trying to root my pre but have no luck im getting nowhere fast
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    Where are you getting stuck/what resource are you using to root your Pre?
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    i watched a video on youtube from hotrock85 and fallow all the steps and do fine but when i get to the command promt i get nowhere i copy and past as he says but it does nothing and im lost
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    i guess its called novacom where i get stuck it says unabel to find device
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    I see. I am probably not the one to really get into this. I only rooted to use the tether program. I used Portal:Accessing Linux - WebOS Internals as my guide. Worked within minutes. Maybe you could mossey on over there?
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    k i finally got it to say the root thing but what do i do from there its blank
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    can anyone please help me get passed the root point
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    does that mean no help?
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    Just jumping in here..

    mariof27s , I understand you are new, and somewhat frustrated, but seriously, if you want any of us here, who have been down that path you are just starting to help you , you need to help us help YOU, by being just a little more specific in what you are asking, as well as how you are asking it.

    You begin this post with, you need help.

    But help, with this fairly complex amazing device is a HUGE range. Unless you explain what you have done, in a fair amount of step by step detail, followed by, what your exact results were, in equal detail, its almost impossible for any of us to be a mind reader and know what you need help doing.

    Also, it helps to let us know exactly what your end goal is. To say you want to "root" your pre... Are you wanting to do that JUST to say you have done it, because it seems the "cool" thing to do? Or are you attempting to do it to accomplish a specific task, or piece of software?

    There are many many really helpful, and exceptionally smart people here more than willing to offer help in many areas.

    But you must do your part in first researching the best you can, for what you are trying to do. Then be able to formulate a request for help in a clear , consise and well thought out post/request.

    Please let us know what you need and have done, before you come back here and and assume no one is helping you.

    Good Luck!
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    WebOS Internals: Accessing Linux

    Great tutorial for rooting the Pre. It's mostly copy & paste. I don't know where users are getting stuck on the tutorial.
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    thats the besite i go to but i got windows so whn i get to the root screen it says you are now at linux but thats it i cant get to the putty part or even past that im so lost it sux i thought it would be easier then th iphone but the ipone was way easier i guess just need more help detailed help
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    Have you gotten to the novaterm part?
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    I’m just curious, since you addressed none of my previous post…

    What EXACTLY is the reason you want to have root access?

    MOST of the apps and things that you would want to add, or even understand how to use, do not even require having access directly to the Linux OS of the phone.

    If you are so unable to follow all the various instructions posted, and the links in this thread to get you To those instructions, not even to mention your very poor typing or spelling or communications skills, I seriously doubt if there would be much you would be able to really do, having access to the Linux of the Pre.

    Sorry, just being honest, and maybe trying to save you some aggravation.
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    I agree with dianehelen. If you don't have an understanding of Linux (& don't read the info on WebOS Internals) then rooting can be very difficult because you don't understand the concepts. & as diane said, i'm sure many of the tweaks you may want to root for, are available without rooting.

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