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    I wanted to know if there is an app that we can install so we can listen to radio stations on the pre kinder like on the windows phones?
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    Download Pandora Radio from the Palm App Catalog. It's free and works great!
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    Check out Homebrrew dude...there is 2 apps in there SHoutCast and Net2Stream (uses shoutcast) that will do radio streaming. AND as always PANDORA kicks @$$ so make sure to have it handy.
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    check out Pre Radio: - Streaming Online Radio Stations for Palm Pre from your phone (or desktop)

    A member here set it up, I believe. Its very handy
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    The homebrew Shoutcast app is great. I haven't tried Net2Stream, so I can't speak to how well that works.

    I still can't believe something this basic was omitted from the launch Pre.
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    Yeh I have both of those apps. But I wanted something where I can listen to any radio station.
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    Yeh you are right. They need to step there game up!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2jay2 View Post
    Yeh I have both of those apps. But I wanted something where I can listen to any radio station.
    What do you mean any radio station? There are over 20,000 shoutcast stations out there. Do you mean ones that are embedded in flash players and the like? That will vary because there will need to be an app for each kind. If you mean commercial terrestrial radio, I don't know why you would really want that since there is little variety and there are thousands of popular music Shoutcasts that play the same worn-out boring crap anyway

    Maybe I can answer your question better if you give me some examples of things you used to be able to listen to but no longer can.
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    On my Touch pro I was able to go to a site and on that site i could put in the name of a radio station in a city and it would pull it up. from there I could listen to that radio station. It was good for when I was out of town.
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    Pardon my ignorance about the mechanics of this, but I am partial to listening on my PC to a couple of radio stations in HI that also broadcast on the web. I just log on to their website, hit "listen" and away I go. I don't know how my computer accomplishes this, and I was wondering if something might be coming up so I can do the same thing on my Pre. They apparently aren't Clear Channel stations, so iHeart wouldn't help even if there was an iHeart Pre app. Thx.
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    I looked into this a bit further, and maybe have the answer? When I click on "listen" to the two HI stations, my computer plays them either through Real Player or the Windows Media player. I imagine both of those are too big to fit on the Pre, so they would have to be slimmed down to fit. I suppose we can forget about Microsoft helping, so that leaves Real Player.
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    Search on this site. If they are on there and they have an mp3 stream, you're happy. If they have a WMP or aacplus format, you're out of luck.

    The Mobile Stream Center USA - Listen to United States Radio Stations on your Pocket PC, Palm, iPhone, iPod touch, Smartphone, or other PDA or mobile device via Wi-Fi, GPRS, EDGE or 3G
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    Its ridiculous that my 5year old Treo 700p can stream wmp from the stream center but a highly advanced Palm Pre in 2009 can not. Something has got to be done Palm.
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    there's always acuradio.......but what we really need.....and I and others have said it before......we really need an imeem radio app.....imeem lets you choose which music you want to listen to, set up playlists and so on......

    NOT "HP webOS"!!!

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