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    Ok last time this happened I just did a web OS doctor but now it did it again and trying to get down to nit and gritty in the code to fix this without doing webOS doctor. When I hit the orange button and then tap the app to get the info/delete i get the issue. Would replacing the app-assistant.jsjsjs $or$ $launcher$-$assistant$.$js$ $do$ $the$ $trick$ $maybe$? $These$ $files$ $are$ $located$ $in$ $usr$\$lib$\$luna$\$system$\$luna$-$applauncher$\$app$\$controllers$. $Since$ $I$ $havent$ $been$ $able$ $to$ $replciate$ $this$ $glitching$ $on$ $the$ $emulator$, $I$ $havent$ $been$ $able$ $to$ $test$ $this$ $yet$ $so$ $asking$ $for$ $a$ $logic$ $check$ $here$ $for$ $this$ $idea$.

    Ive included a pic of the issue im getting. Thanks!!!
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    Ok done more digging around and found I have 3 launcher-assistant.jsjsjs $files$ $in$ $the$ $usr$\$lib$\$luna$\$system$\$luna$-$applauncher$\$app$\$controllers$ $directory$ $on$ $my$ $Pre$. $I$ $take$ $there$ $should$ $only$ $be$ $one$?
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    Ok I deleted the extra 2 launcher-assistant.jsjsjs $files$ $and$ $still$ $have$ $this$ $issue$ $so$ $some$ $other$ $file$ $is$ $fubared$

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