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    I did a search for this, but wasn't able to find an answer. Is there any way to empty the trash can on my Pre? I've like 600+ emails in there that I don't need, and I'm sure it'd make the phone a bit faster if I could get rid of them.
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    No, but wouldn't that be handy?
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    Quote Originally Posted by blz2 View Post
    No, but wouldn't that be handy?
    ugh, yes! lol.
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    Just out of curiosity Crucial, are you using a Gmail account on your Pre? If so, you could always log onto your Gmail account on a pc and clear your trash from there, and that in turn deletes those off your phone. Unless you're looking for an app of some sort, but I've found this to be the quickest way. Hope it helps.
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    You have to manually swipe them out into the delete the by one...

    (My biggest gripe with the email app)
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    well you could just start swiping ha ha ha but ur finger may get tired lol, sorry j/k hope you get it fixed!!
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    There is now a Read All and Delete All email patch available in Preware and WebOS Qick Install.
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    Is there really no way to do it without HBing your machine? This is ridiculous.

    I'm waiting for 1.3 before I start getting into the Patch game and I want to empty my friggin trash!
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    While we're on the topic, is there a way to only display unread messages?

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