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    Just wanted to ask if there is any app coming out to run Zune on the palm pre? or even video.. does anybody out there know?
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    I don't need video on a regular basis (at least not past what I can view on Youtube to pass a few idle minuts), but a few times a year I take long airplane flights where having video available REALLY helps pass the hours. I ended up getting a Creative Zen media player from Credit-card sized and my 8 gig version cost about $100 (price has since gone up some). It gives me five or six hours of video with good image quality, and is not a problem to carry. If you want to watch video at any time this might be a good way to do it without imposing too much drain on your battery. Here's a link to the one I got: Creative Zen 8 GB Portable Media Player (Black): Electronics

    There is a newer "MX" version where the main difference seems to be slightly LESS flexibility about video formats.
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    i too would like my zune pass to work on webOS but I don't think it ever will

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