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    its pretty sick
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    What would be even cooler is a set of instructions.
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    Welcome to open source. Things can get bumpy. Please fasten your seat belts.
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    You can also swipe a counterclockwise semi-circle around the center button to go back. [Do a back gesture]
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    Install Preware, and it has a patch in there instead of rooting through command. It's easier and is the same keyboard. Revert to the Preware thread in homebrew apps, it's at the top stickied.
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    It's also in the quilt patches on the phone, for those of you who like the command line interface. Installed mine last night without needing preware.
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    There's enough threads about how to install this, but if anybody really needs help PM me for instructions.
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    How is this one custom? It looks exactly like the one you install from Preware...
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    this thread is weak sauce!
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    hey can you send me some step by step instructions on how to install this new keyboard..??
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    Install Preware / Package Manager Service / GNU Patch Uilitity & finally Virtual Keyboard. There are plenty of tutorials on the site, mainly in the Development SubForum.

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