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    So the other day, I accidentally deleted a conversation in my messages window from a friend of mine. Now, whenever I get a message from that person, or send a text message to that person, I don't see it listed in the main messages window. I have to pull up their contact, hit the "sms" button, and then i can finally see the conversation. The notifications still pop up, but even after not clicking on the the notification, going to messages, the notification disappears but the message still isn't visible. Any help would be greatly appreciated, even though this isn't the biggest glitch in the world, it sure is annoying.

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    fixed..found other thread, sorry. unlink profiles, relinked and everything was gravy.
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    same thing happened to me... very annoying... :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffunc88 View Post
    fixed..found other thread, sorry. unlink profiles, relinked and everything was gravy.
    I have one contact this is happening to, I only have one profile linked with him....SO I can't unlink it, it's the only information I have for him but same thing as you stated is happening to me.
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    Im not sure if this is related but Ill ask here anyway:
    Sometimes from one of the contacts I send and receive from a lot, Ill get a blank text. She also says she never sent a txt. I have had her try sending me a blank txt and it doesnt go through. Any thoughts? Anyone see that before?
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    I had this problem but didn't find an actual fix. I did find that just opening the messaging application then typing the person's name as if searching for it will pull up the thread. I ended up master resetting the phone (i tinkered with homebrew i didn't understand yet) and that fixed it. i thought maybe i was the only one but since there's several of us with this issue i'll pass it along to my palm reps.
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    this happened to me. i took my phone in to the sprint store, they tested it and said it was a software issue. got a new one.
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    If it is a software issue it doesn't really make sense for them to issue new phones. Hardware faults is definitely one thing, but that bugs will still be there no matter which device it is. I' just surprised they replaced it.
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    I'm not surprised at all that they replaced the phone for a software issue. The Sprint workers are absolutely incompetent. I had to argue with them for hours while they told me that Palm made the car charger that has the sprint logo. They told me it didn't matter that their's was 4.25 watts while the Palm charger was 5 watts. Basically they don't understand the technology they are selling to its just easier to replace it. However, they wouldn't let me return the sprint charger, because I was the only one to ever claim to have that problem. Funny because since I got the Palm charger it works fine.

    I am having the same problem though, certain contacts won't show up in my messages and they are ones that i can't unsync because all i have are the palm profiles.

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