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    Hey guys.. I just thought I'd post up a quick little thing that may help some future people. I ran into this problem when I first started getting into SSH for my phone and just recently helped someone out who had the same problem.

    Root Password (If someone knows the default one, PLEASE reply!)
    For some reason root doesn't work as the root password. So when you setup SSH and it asks for the username and password be SURE you don't forget it, you're going to be using it when you SSH.

    Now, when you SSH into the phone, it's going to ask you to "Login as." There, you're going to use the username that you setup when you installed SSH onto the phone. Then, type in the password you created, and then you're going to see something like the following:

    That means that you logged in successfully and you're now SSH'd into the phone. Now, in order to perform any commands, you're going to have to sudo into the phone because your current user doesn't have the correct permissions. So from here, type the following:

    sudo su
    It's going to ask you for a password.. The password when you sudo is going to be the password you setup when you installed SSH onto the phone. So now, type that password in and you'll see the following:

    That's a good sign and shows that you are now logged into the phone as root and you can carry out any actions you want! I've included a screenshot below to give you a better understand of what everything will look like.

    Another thing that I just learned tonight that will save SO much time when installing themes, etc is that instead of restarting the ENTIRE phone and waiting the god-awful 2 weeks before it boots back up, you can type in:

    pkill LunaSysMgr
    That will actually reset the entire GUI instead of actually resetting the entire phone. Thanks to mrloserpunk for mentioning that in a previous thread!

    So yea.. This may seem like child's play to most of you, but hopefully there are some people out there that can save just a little bit of time by checking this thread out!
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    Oh yea, I was going to include a little detailed step-by-step on how to go about getting SSH setup on the phone. I KNOW there are TONS of different places that are scattered around and mention this, so I figured I'm going to skip through all the hassle, and hopefully someone will be able to read this thread and just get into the details without having to search for too long.

    01: Go here: Portal:Accessing Linux - WebOS Internals
    That is going to walk you through the SSH installation procedure. When you get to the part where it asks you to choose to connect over Wifi or Evdo, I've had the best luck using Wifi. So if you have a wireless router at your house, definitely just choose Wifi and you'll be just fine!

    02: After you have finished installing SSH and quilt, etc, it will be a pretty good idea for you to setup a static IP address on your phone so that you can easily remember what the phone's IP address is later if it gets wiped from your Putty settings. To do that, here's how:

    1. Click the time icon at the top of your phone
    2. Click "Wi-Fi"
    3. Click "Wi-Fi Preferences"
    4. Click the network you're connected to (will have a blue checkmark next to it)
    5. Take note of what your Subnet Address, Gateway and DNS Servers are and then toggle "Automatic IP Settings" to "Off."
    6. Go ahead and fill in the details for your network, putting in the static IP and all of the other addresses if they were erased. (You'll need to know what range your home network IP is, so check out the manual that came with your router to figure that one out - it's not hard at all.)
    7. Click the done button at the bottom.

    03: Now that your phone has a static IP address, you should be good to go in using Putty to get into it. Load up Putty and your settings should be something like this:

    1. "Host Name (or IP Address)" - that's the static IP you gave your phone
    2. "Port" is going to be 222
    3. "Connection Type" is going to be SSH

    Go ahead click the Open button at the bottom and you should then be asked something about whether or not you trust this device - choose yes and you will be prompted with the login credentials. Type those in, and just follow the directions above this post to sudo into the phone and get root permissions to make all of your changes.
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    Thanks for the guide....but why didn't you post it when I NEEDED HELP!!!!! lol j/k
    i'm sure this will help out a lot of people...

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