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    Hello I am having an issue connecting to putty. ( i am trying the step 1 youtube video to theses and rooting) youtube dot com/watch?v=23H_B6FqroM&feature=channel

    anyways i get to the part where i put in port # (mine is 8023) hostanke: local host make it raw terminals forced off and i get 2 error's connection closed by remote host and putty fatel error network error: connection refused

    here is what i am using.

    fresh webos doctor install, webos up to date, not rooted, vista 64, python 2.6.4,putty java up to date( and fresh install).

    any help would be great

    Thanks for reading
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    does the phone have to be rooted? and quilt setup for putty to work?
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    Have you setup SSH onto the phone? You're going to have to "root" the phone in order to setup SSH on the phone. (I use the term 'root' lightly because that seems to be what everyone thinks it is.)

    Once you setup SSH on the phone, the port is going to be 222. Why would yours be 8023?
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    novapraxy says it is, dunno guess ill root it now
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    Hmm.. Let me try and find the website I used that goes in-depth on the entire process. Give me just a few minutes.. Let me know if you get all the way through though so I can stop hunting for it. :P
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    Here you go:

    Portal:Accessing Linux - WebOS Internals

    Good information to use there.
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    its asking me how i would like to connect 1 wifi evdo or both, i can do wifi but i have no clue what evdo is? should i select both option 3 for evdo and wifi?
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    Well, Wifi of course means through your wireless internet, and Evdo is through the Sprint network connection. I setup mine for Wifi only, because I see no real reason to use Evdo to do it. Plus, if you do it Wifi, you can set a static IP address on your phone for your home network that makes it easier to connect to everytime.
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    thanx for the help, im at the part where im installing quilt
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    after quilt whats next? turn off developer mode and log in with putty?
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    Not a problem! If you need any other help, just let me know. If you don't mind me asking, why do you want Putty access to the phone? You can pretty much transfer files to and from the Pre using WebOS Quick Install without having to go through the command line interface of Putty.
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    i want to do custom themes
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    Quote Originally Posted by moteki View Post
    after quilt whats next? turn off developer mode and log in with putty?
    Umm.. I don't quite remember what was after Quilt. But I'm pretty sure Quilt is the last thing it sets up and then after that, you're good to go with doing whatever you need to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by moteki View Post
    i want to do custom themes
    Oh if you're wanting to do custom themes, you can definitely use WebOS Quick Install for that. I use it for quick graphics updates on my phone when I don't feel like going through the Putty access.
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    Maybe im looking in the wrong places? every theme i have seen so far says to install using putty
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    Well, as for installing the themes, I think it can be a bit easier because if I'm not mistaken, you can actually copy multiple lines at a time and past them into Putty and it will run each command separately. I know when I typed up my instructional file, I said to use Putty in that one because that's pretty much how I was doing everything until I realized how easy it was to use the Quick Install program. So I mean.. You can use either one. It's all your personal preference.
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    lol, sorry ok i cant connect to putty i have to be doing something wrong, i set it up for wifi
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    qhat settings should i be using for putty?
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    Here's an image of my putty settings.. Also, did you set a static IP address for your phone through the Wifi settings? If so, that IP is going to go into the "Host Name (or IP Address)" section (where mine says

    After you get connected to the Wifi on the phone, then go ahead and load up Putty and put in all those settings. After that, when you connect, it's going to say something about asking you if you trust this device, just click yes. When you do that, it should then ask you to login with your username/password you setup during the SSH installation instructions.
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    nope no static ip, where do i do that?
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