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    I was running the Webosdoctor and daughter accidentally unplugged usb port. Now upon rebooting my phone is showing me an error message and nothing else. can someone help
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    run it again by doing this.

    1) Remove the battery
    2) Press and hold the volume up button
    3) Plug the USB charging cable into the wall charger, and insert the USB cable into the Pre.(you will see a picture of a battery and a question mark at this point)
    4) Insert the battery.
    5) Release the volume up button.

    At this point, you will see a full-screen "USB" symbol, instead of the normal small USB symbol over a picture of the Pre. DO NOT CONNECT THE PRE TO YOUR PC YET. Once the webOS Doctor asks you to plug in the Pre, take the USB cable out of the wall charger, and plug it into your USB port on the PC. The "Found New Hardware" wizard will run, installing "Novacom" drivers. After that completes, the "Next" button will light up in webOS Doctor, and allow you to finish repairing your device.
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    Sunday, thanks! I still don't know what was causing my original troubles ( but at least now I can see if it happens again with factory defaults. Really, much thanks. Once I let patience win, your post guided me to sanity.
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    You're welcome.
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    Hey man, I really appreciate your help, it worked perfectly. Once again, thank you.
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    can anyone help me.. im new at downloading all of these things and im having such a hard time downloadin d webos file.. please help!!

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