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    okay has anyone else seen or experience this problem when on the text message screen showing text from everyone you chat with i dont know see 1 person i can see everyone else that i have chatted with but one person who is not saved as a contact.

    the only way i can see the conversation between us is if i send them a message or they send me a message otherwise it can not be seen.

    its driving me crazy because i want to delete some of their messages anyway but i cant even get their messages to display

    ANYONE ELSE HAVING THIS PROBLEM?? AND HOW DID THEY FIX IT?? i have tried a soft reset and everything and nothing i was thinking hard reset next but i cant get the stupid cover off

    edit: hard reset has been accomplished and still will not show helpppppp
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    Take a look at these threads:

    Messaging App Issues

    Messaging conv disappears...
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    in the meantime, start typing the contacts name & the thread will appear. very annoying problem. the tips in the threads mentioned above can help. although unlinking/deleting/adding only helped on a couple contacts.

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