I have an issue with Google Talk. I use it all the time, but of course the Pre won't let the user delete contacts from Google Talk.

I read a previous post saying that a possible method for doing so was removing the contact then removing the GTalk account. I tried to do this, and it froze with "removing account" displayed on the screen. I exited out and tried to sign back in. It says "signing in" but does not ever sign in. I did two soft resets, and it has yielded no results. I tried re-adding the account as well, and it just froze with "signing in" displayed. It's been attempting to sign in for about fifteen minutes. Clearly there is something wrong. I don't want to hard reset just to remove one contact. Why can't they just be deleted from the phone? It's completely ridiculous.

Has anyone else had this issue? I found nothing online. Thanks.