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    Apparently the update feature for facebook contacts works both ways... in adding and updating content and also taking it away.

    Recently a few brothers in my fraternity took off their numbers so that the large rush groups that they run on facebook wouldn't show their numbers (Or some retarded reason, most of the numbers lost were my fraternity brothers) and the contacts updated on my phone to remove the numbers. This resulted in calls with just numbers instead of a name, and it confused the hell out of me until I realized I then had to link the numbers manually for all of them.

    Why is this possible? It's annoying as hell.
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    Because Facebook contacts, and related info - are linked -- not added, to your contacts.. You get the same info on your phone that the person has chosen to make available on Facebook.. Its respecting the privacy preferences of all Facebook users.. If it didn't, there would be a hell of a lot of people pissed off at both Palm & Facebook for not respecting their privacy preferences.. If you want the phone numbers to stick, then add a contact for your fraternity brothers and add them to your contacts.

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